How do I prepare for product case interviews?

Here are the best resources on product case interviews. These resources fall into 3 areas: 

1) Metric

  • Choosing the Right Metrics for A/B Testing (video)
  • Choosing Metrics (blog)
  • We have a dashboard tracking our metrics, and average ETA is up by 3 minutes. How would you investigate this problem?  (video)
  • LinkedIn is testing a new feature: asking a new user to upload their profile photo during the signup phase. Currently, a new user is asked to upload a profile photo after the sign-up process. What metrics will you look at to evaluate the success of the feature? (video)

2) A/B Testing

3) Product Case Interview

  • To learn more about product case interviews: Part 1 and Part 2
  • How the Product Case Interview fits into data science interview (blog)
  • Cracking Metric/Business Case/Product Sense Problems (video)
  • Facebook Metric Interview Question and Answer (video)
  • Product Case Interviews Dos and Don’ts (video)
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