Is Product Case Interview Pro a good fit for me?

Product Case Interview Pro is a self-paced course that focuses solely on the product case interview. It does not focus on any other type of data science interview, such as coding or machine learning, and therefore should not be your only preparation method when trying to land a data science job. Product case interviews may not be required if you are looking to advance in the Machine Learning, Data Science, or Algorithm types of positions. If you are looking for positions on the Analytics track, product case knowledge is a must-have.

If you are in the beginning stages of researching, and deciding which stream of Data Science you might wish to focus on, we recommend checking out this blog post that explains the most common positions, and essential knowledge for each:

For more information about the course or to preview some of the lessons, you can go to the Product Case Interview Pro course page.

PCIP is both self paced and self guided. It does not include any personal coaching with Emma, but it does include access to a private Slack channel where you can ask questions, and learn from other Pros and our team. 

PCIP takes a general, rather than a company-specific, approach to building a solid product sense. The course is designed to teach you about products and metrics at any company. 

PCIP is therefore a great fit for you if you want to build your product sense and develop your critical thinking skills. It is an excellent course for those who are self-motivated action-takers who want the guidance and structure of a planned course. 

We recommend that you also take this short survey which will help you determine whether PCIP is really the best for you. 

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